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Take Me With You Guest Segments Program
Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sign up for the program?
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What You Should Bring?
Traveling with the Drive Around the World team is similar to flying on an airplane, you should bring only one bag weighing fewer than 50 pounds and two carry-on sized bags or backpacks. We will frequently be camping, so you must bring your own camping gear. You do not need cooking gear, stoves, utensils, etc. but you should have a very warm sleeping bag, small travel pillows, clothes, headlamp, and so on.

What visas will I need?
Some countries will require visas and others will not. You will need to consult a travel agent or country specific travel literature in order to find out the current visa requirements.

What type of insurance should I get?
Each team member has obtained general medical and evacuation insurance.

What vaccinations will I need to get?
You will need to consult a travel doctor to find out what the appropriate vaccinations are for the specific area you have selected. It is also important to know that some of these immunizations require multiple injections, so don't delay on consulting your physician. Immunizations are often not required but are highly suggested. All guests who travel with the team will travel at their own risks regardless if they have have received recommended immunizations or are taking tropical profalaxis.

How are guests selected?
The program is designed primarily for promotional opportunities so preference will be given to those who have access to media. However, Drive Around the World is also committed to encouraging others to travel and explore, therefore the program has been opened up to the general public. Applicants are encouraged to submit a statement of purpose for the portion they have selected, also they will be asked about travel experience, and skills they would bring to the expedition. Applications will be reviewed and preference will be given to those whose purposes and skills are most closely aligned with our mission. Guests will be selected six weeks prior to the date of meeting the team.

How long are the Guest segments.
The guest segments slots last a maximum of two weeks.

How do I meet up with the team?
Without exception guests must arrive at least one day before segment begins Guest pickup at hotel.

What does Drive Around the World expect from me when I return from traveling with the team? Take me with you agreement: journalists, media must promise to write at least one article upon their return. Regardless of experience, article must be written in a positive light and must mention 1. web site, 2. charity messages that encourage people to give, 3. education curriculum. The team must convince media and journalists that these three things are important to their readers and why. Guests will be expected to spend a portion of their time participating in education programs, content delivery, interviews with school network. Details TBD.

Special Guest Segments
The Drive Around The World (DATW) Team invites travelers to accompany them on LONGITUDE in an effort to open up the expedition to people they know (or would like to know) and to increase exposure and awareness of the expedition.

What is a Guest Segment?

The Guest Segment Program invites a friend or family member, a member of the media, a sponsor, a professional travel writer, photographer, filmmaker, or a celebrity to ride along for a segment of the expedition. Segments are usually limited to a few weeks to accommodate as many special guests as possible. Why do we take Guests?

One of the most frequent misconceptions that people have about long-distance travel is “I could never do that.” Or, “I could never get so much time off of work, away from family, away from my responsibilities.” Although these are very real reasons, it is disappointing because our team is fortunate to know a lot of really interesting people; people who could benefit from this experience or whose talents could enhance it. We’d love to have them along but unfortunately, jobs, family, and the responsibilities of life simply do not allow it. …or do they?

Life is filled with gray areas and fortunately most everyone can afford a one or two week holiday, so the Guest Segments (GSP) Program was created to open up this expedition to a larger audience.

And there’s benefit to our team as well. When people join our team, it prevents an inevitable boredom that often sets in when traveling with the same companions day after day. New faces to keep the event new and interesting. Besides it forces us to be nice to each other because we don't want to look bad in front of the new guest.

Signing Up
Guests have the opportunity to sign up using a Web-based signup page.

To sign up, visit

This page contains an illustration of the expedition route and a list of all available segments. Segments are usually designated for two or three people at a time, as it is often easier to travel to the meeting point with companions. If you cannot make your segment, please remove yourself from the list as soon as possible. Priority will be given to those who sign up first.

Simply select the segment you are interested in, fill out a form, and supply the names of the hotels you will be staying at while in the meeting and departure point cities. We do not arrange your hotel accommodations prior to your meeting and departure, but this information is required so we know where to find you when your segment begins and where to take you when your segment ends. You are also encouraged to state any role or purpose that you want to perform while traveling with us. A role or purpose is not required; however, it may enhance your experience.

Finally, you must print, read, sign, and mail the Drive Around The World Release of Liability form. Be sure to make a copy for yourself and mail the form to the address indicated. Guests will be unable to participate unless a release is received.

Once you’ve completed the GSP Signup Web page Form, you will be assigned a GSP ID number. You will also receive an email confirmation that describes how to update your segment information to change hotels, select a different segment, or cancel a segment.


You must fund your own travel expenses to and from the meeting and departure points. Any hotel expenses you incur while waiting at the meeting or departure points are also your responsibility. During the segment you must pay for your own meals and travel expenses. Due to space limitations, souvenirs must be stored in your bags. Thanks to our fine sponsors, you do not need to pay for fuel, automotive expenses, or lodging while traveling with the team. The Meeting Point

Segments always start and end at an international Airport. In order to accommodate as many guests as possible, the procedure for arranging your guest segment is quite simple. First, you must arrive at a designated Meeting Point. The meeting point will usually be a city with a major airport. The Segment you choose on the GSP Signup Web Page Form will list available meeting point cities.

You are responsible for your own travel arrangements to the meeting point. Furthermore, you must select a hotel (any hotel) within the meeting point city and provide this information on the SGS Signup Web Page so the team knows where to find you. The Segment information includes a pickup time so you will know approximately when the team will roll into town to pick you up.

Waiting times

Depending on our schedule and your travel itinerary, in rare circumstances, Special Guests may have to wait a day or two for the team’s arrival. It is highly recommended that you purchase tickets where flight dates can be changed easily, or plan buffer times around your arrival and departure flights to ensure you meet and leave the team without incident. The SGS Web Page contains the Team’s route and schedule and is updated daily so you must check it frequently while the expedition is underway to determine whether the team is on schedule to pick you up. Planning this flexibility into your trip is entirely your responsibility; the Team will not be responsible for costs incurred with missed flights or extra hotel stay. If a guest is delayed the team will not be able to wait longer then 6 hours. At that point the guest will be responsible for suggesting a new meeting point to be approved by the Guest Segments Coordinator. If a suitable meeting point can be established, the guest will have to forgo their segment.

The Departure Point
Segments always start and end at a city with an international Airport. Special Guests must depart from their scheduled Departure Point. The departure point will usually be a city with a major airport. The Guest Segment you choose on the SGS Signup Web Page will list Departure Point cities. When your segment is complete you must depart at the departure point, but this isn’t to say that you cannot continue traveling on your own. In some cases, Special Guests may have the opportunity to extend their stay for a longer period if a no-show occurs; however, you should not expect this. Your departure point is likely another guest’s arrival point and there is only so much room in the vehicles for guests.

All travelers are required to read the Drive Around The World Team Expedition Manual so they understand all aspects and goals of the expedition.

You should expect to travel by Land Rover four or five days per week. We travel an average of 300 to 400 kilometers a day (180-250 miles) but frequently less so we can arrive before nightfall and can set up camp or check in to a hotel, and scout around a bit. Do not expect to take unexpected side trips. Feel free to make suggestions, but understand that the team is on a general schedule.

One of DATW’s core beliefs is to travel respectfully. Please remember that when traveling with DATW, you become a part of the team and reflect upon the team. We expect all Special Guests to be respectful of the cultures and people and environments we encounter.

The most important thing to remember is to be responsible for your own needs. Don’t assume that the Team or its support staff know what you are thinking. Communicate your needs clearly so we can understand them and make your experience pleasant. If you need something, ask for it. If you have concerns please direct them to the Take me with you Coordinator.

Things to Consider
There are many criteria for you to consider when selecting a segment. The date and location of your segment are personal choices that play an important role in your fulfillment so they especially require your forethought. Do you like traveling in winter or summer weather? Do you want the challenge of traveling in countries where you don't speak the native tongue? If the motive for your SGS trip is a personal test to endure some level of hardship … you might consider a segment of the trip that passes through Indonesia during the monsoons, or a segment that includes a river crossing in the pontoon-equipped APGP Land Rover.

Your Role
This expedition is designed to encourage people to travel so they can begin to look at our world from a global perspective. Your participation will provide a new perspective for our team, our audience, and hopefully yourself.

Most importantly, as a Special Guest, what do you want to do? You don’t have to do anything - but this is a good question to ask yourself. Do you want to take photographs of a particular place, film the expedition, write an article for a magazine, visit a particular place or culture, collect rocks, pick flowers? No matter what you want to do, we encourage all team members and guests to state their purpose. We can’t always honor it, but we will try. You should state your role or purpose in the form of a written proposal circulated to the entire team. This will allow the team to understand your needs and will enroll them into your idea so we can do our best to make it happen. The GSP Web site will ask you to state your purpose.

Here are a few more examples: I want to see Mt. Everest. I want to film the team. I want to drive off-road around Ayers Rock in Australia. Work on my Spanish. Collect and find out what rocks are made of!

In some cases, Special Guests may have the opportunity to join the team in exchange for agreeing to perform a key role. If this occurs you will be expected to perform your role seriously and to the best of your ability.

What you should tell your family and friends?

Both international and expedition travel are likely to cause inquiry among your family and friends and they will undoubtedly express worry or concern about your involvement. While we cannot lay their fears to rest entirely there are several things you can explain to them to ease their minds about, what may seem to them, a dangerous “vacation.”

First off, this isn’t a vacation. It is a mission to travel with a group of like minded people who share a spirit of adventure and a desire to use what they know how to benefit education, humanitarian programs, and the international community. As a guest, you are sharing in this mission. Second, while our course may appear dangerous, keep in mind that we’ve done this before. We have traveled through the Middle East and communist countries and we’re still here. Not because we’re lucky but because we understand risk management in planning. Extensive planning has gone into our route to ensure safe travel and a safety plan exists to describe steps taken to remain safe. Finally, we have arranged for insurance, air evacuation, and security in places where our research indicates it is needed and we always travel with a team of six or more and two to four vehicles. There’s safety in numbers.

The Special Guest Liaison
Prior to your arrival, if you have any questions or concerns you should direct them to the Special Guest Liaison. This person is a member of our Domestic Support Team and is designated to support your needs. The Special Guest Liaison is in constant contact with the team. They are your best source of information and they exist to assist you. Keep in mind that this person is assisting guests before and after you so please work with them and be flexible. This person is the keeper of the Special Guest Segment Schedule and updates at least once a week.

Safe Journeys!