Guest #3: Skye Surrest & Ben Euers

Name: Skye Surrest & Ben Euers
Hometown/where you live now: Manly, Sydney, Australia
Age: 23
Occupation: Travelers

Nick, Chanda, Nancy, and Todd met Skye and Ben as the team was leaving the hotel in Santiago de Atitlan, Guatemala. The rest of the team had just departed in two vehicles for Antigua, and the remaining two vehicles were going to shop and eat in Santiago before rendezvousing with the others in Antigua at 5:00 p.m. Just as they were departing the hotel, Skye and Ben showed up.

After swapping a few travelers’ war stories and explaining the whole LONGITUDE and Parkinson’s concept, each decided to join forces and journey into Santiago together. This was Skye and Ben’s first trip in a new Discovery, and it was the team’s first spontaneous Take Me With You! segment (Other than the time in Mazatlan when we picked up a hitchhiking, almost-19-year-old, surfer kid from SoCal named Ian, who we WISH we had asked to fill out our guest questionnaire. Drop us a line, Ian!).

Skye and Ben made for delightful traveling companions in Santiago, and we were happy when they decided to ride with us to Antigua. On the way, we learned a lot of valuable information from their experiences in South and Central America, and we extracted “skads” of information for the Australian leg of our journey (“If the sign says, ‘No Swimming: Crocodiles’, don’t swim; really.”).

We introduced our new friends to the rest of the team in Antigua, and we were privileged to spend two days with them, including a Thanksgiving dinner at a classy joint there.

They have been traveling for seven months, and their next stop is Washington D.C., then Canada, and finally Europe. They’ll be in B.C. for a year or so before stopping in London for a couple of years, so we have high hopes of seeing them again in the not-too-distant future. I think we might have an opportunity to meet, if only on-line, Skye’s mum and her friends, all of whom are teachers with an interest in our education program!

Do you have any connection to Parkinson's Disease? Do you know anybody that is affected by it?

No, not personally but we have both heard of it. We spent the better half of the day looking at your website and reading up on it.

Would you be up for 9 months of travel like this?

In a flash! We have decided that when we will travel around Australia, we aren't only going to do it for ourselves but will give back to the people, too.
What is your most memorable moment during your portion of the journey?
The car ride! It was great to be able to be a part of the adventure. It gave us time to ask questions and experience a different route of our travels.
What advice do you have for future travelers in the program?
Be open minded, take nothing for granted, and don't be late!!
What surprised you the most?
That Nancy is an eco-adventurer racer and is in the Marines! Oh... and the RBAD! That girl has guts to make something so cool and then present it to a big company like Red Bull.
What was the best thing you ate?
The suckers!
What was the most difficult part of the traveling experience?
Nothing was difficult (we weren't traveling long with them), however they literally slowed down or stopped for everything and anything for a picture. Can't wait to play that video game!