Guest #11: Diana Moxon

Name: Diana Moxon
Lives in: Bangkok, Thailand
Home: England
Occupation: Director of Public Relations, Anantara Resorts and Spas

Diana Moxon was our eyes and ears of Thailand. She was introduced to us through e-mail by our old teammate Rolf Potts. She helped us out in countless ways, despite her grueling days as the Director of Public Relations, Anantara Resorts and Spas. One of her many claims to fame is that she brought elephant polo to Thailand. She is Originally from England, but she has traveled all over the world looking for wisdom, happiness and serenity. She is a Sun in Libra, Moon in Virgo, Rising Gemini Snake, and she dreams of the day when free time is as plentiful as turkeys on a Thanksgiving Day.

What kind of impact is the LONGITUDE expedition having in the communities they visit?

Difficult to say in Asia. Parkinson's Disease is not well-understood or diagnosed in Asia. There are so many problems such as HIV/Aids and poverty which claim people's attention and lives first. Clearly there are sufferers of Parkinson's in Asia but I'm not sure how much the communities here understand about the disease.

Would you be up for 9 months of travel like this?

Sound fabulous in theory and I'd say yes but you guys make it look much easier than I know it is. Maybe I could start with 6 months and work my way up.
What is your most memorable moment during your portion of the journey?
The 44km stretch of road from Kasi in the Laotian highlands. Billed by Lonely Planet as the most dangerous part of the journey due to rebel attacks, we left in the mists of dawn and drove through breathtakingly beautiful jungle-clad hills and limestone peaks. The air was cool, the mists swathed and revealed the luxuriant valleys and the frisson of potential danger, made it all the more memorable.
What advice do you have for future travelers in the program?
Stay as long as they'll let you!
What surprised you the most?
I'm not easily surprisedů
What was the best thing you ate?
Would have to be the fabulous French dinner we had at La Cave des Chateaux in Vientiane. I'm glad I was able to treat you all to dinner as a heartfelt thank you for letting me tag along for a few days and great that it coincided with Nick's birthday.
What was the most difficult part of the traveling experience?
Saying good-bye to y'all.