Guest #4: Sebastian Belmar

Name: Sebastian Belmar
Home/Lives in: Santiago, Chile
Age: 24
Occupation: Biology student at La Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Sebastian is a 24-year-old Chilean who studies Biology at La Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. He was born and raised in Santiago where he lives with his family. His is completing his degree in Biology while teaching it at the same time. His love for nature and animals motivates him professionally to work directly with endangered species preservation; whether it be on the scientific side of things or creating awareness through the making of wildlife videos. Education is important whether you are educating the world or your own children. One day Sebastian would like to have a large family and pass on the love and respect for animals he has acquired from the world and people around him.

Sebastian is has written a couple of articles on Chilean wildlife, feel free to ask him a question.

Would you be up for 9 months of travel like this?

Es una pregunta dificil para responder, porque al momento de tomar la decision de realizar un viaje de este tipo hay muchas cosas que vienen a tu mente como, por ejemplo, la familia, los amigos, el trabajo, etc. Son cosas con las cuales es dificil romper un nexo. Sin embargo, si tengo la fuerza necesaria para alejarme de las cosas que me atan a mi hogar, ciertamente seria una experiencia inolvidable para mi vida.

Is not easy to answer that question, when taking the decision of making a travel like this, there' s a lot of things coming to your head, like your family, friends and job. Those are thing with which are not easy to leave. But, if I had the necessary strength to get away from those things that ties me to my home, then I'm sure it would be and unforgettable experience to my life.

What is your most memorable moment during your portion of the journey?
Hay muchos momentos que no podre olvidar. Uno de los que en este momento viene a mi mente es una pequena aventura con un armadillo en el camino. Estuvimos a punto de matarlo con el vehiculo y luego, emocionados corrimos tras el Nancy lo atrapo y tomamos algunas fotos de el. Sin embargo, el pequeno animal se asusto muchisimo y se provoco una pequena herida con sus garras. Eso me enseno muchisimo sobre algo que la excitacion a veces me hace olvidar, el respeto por la vida.

There are so many moments that I won't forget. One of those is coming right now to my mind. This is a little adventure with and armadillo in the road. We almost killed him with our vehicle and then, so excited, we run after him and Nancy caught him and we got some pictures with him. It was so beautiful. But, this little friend got really scared and hurt himself with his huge claws. I felt so sad about it and I learned so much about what is the respect for life. I really hope this little buddy will be fine and will be running again trough the pampa.

What advice do you have for future travelers in the program?
Que podria decir? Alegria, mucho alegria, ganas de compartir y aprender. Iniciativa para solucionar los problemas. Viajar es muy facil, lo dificil es dejar atras las cosas queridas.

What could I say? You all have to be very happy about doing it. You have to be happy about sharing and learning with other people. You will probably need initiative to solve any problem. To travel is so easy! What's hard is to leave behind the things that you love! You can do it!

What surprised you the most?
Me sorprendio muchisimo la belleza de muchos lugares en nuestro camino, principalmente la carretera austral. Sus bosques, el canto de las aves, los delfines nadando por los canales y muchas cosas mas. Siempre habia oido hablar sobre la belleza de aquel lugar y, aun asi, me sorprendio muchisimo. Quizas ahora, mas que nunca, puedo sentir cuan vivo esta nuestro planeta.

I was so surprised about how beautiful are some places we found trough our ride, mainly the Carretera Austral. Its forests, the bird's songs, the dolphins swimming trough the channels and so many things more. I've always heard about the beauty of that place and it surprised me much more. Maybe now, and more than ever, I can feel how alive our planet is.

What was the best thing you ate?
Definitivamente, biffe a lo pobre. Carne, papas, cebollas y huevos fritos. Miles de calories. Delicioso!

Definitely, Biffe a lo Pobre. Meat with fried potatoes, onions and eggs. Thousands of calories. Delicious!

What was the most difficult part of the traveling experience?
Sin lugar a dudas, dejar la comodidad del hogar. Especialmente el dormir tantas noches en carpa. El resto no fue dificil. Estuve con un gran grupo de gente. Con ellos rei, aprendi, comparti y en eso no hay dificultar, solo gozo.

Undoubtely, leave home's comfort. What was the hardest part, was to sleep so many nights in tents. The other things were easy. I've been with an incredible group of people. I laugh with them, I learned of and with them, and I share a lot with them and there is no difficulty in that, only joy.