Guest #13: Yanni Shen

Name: Yanni Shen
Lives in: Kunming, China
Home: Kaiyuan City, China
Occupation: Manager of the International Cooperation Department of an investment company

Yanni Shen joined the Drive Around the World team in Kunming China. Although she served as a guide to us in Kunming, she is originally from, Kaiyuan City, a small subtropical city 200 km away from Kunming. Normally, she serves as a manager of the international cooperation department of an investment company, but she doesnít spend all her time there. In here spare time she likes to stay at home, listening music, watching movies (most are American), and singing in karaoke with friends. The team enjoyed its time with Yanni, and was almost convinced to Shanghai her from her job as they hit the road to Dali.

What kind of impact is the LONGITUDE expedition having in the communities they visit?

From my short stay with them, Iíve seen that the LONGITUDE expedition enables more people knowing about Parkinsonís disease, taking more interests in it and paying more attention on medical improvement.

Would you be up for 9 months of travel like this?

Iím dreaming to do so as long as my health is good enough and have certain financial support to afford the journey. But I will be possibly not as brave as you guys to drive so hard along the journey.
What is your most memorable moment during your portion of the journey?
The most memorable moment I had with†the team is the late dinner†of Aug 1 at Ma Ma Fu restaurant. I really enjoy our chat there as well as the music that was playing as it's a such nice chance for me to know more about you†individually, especially when we reviewed those western music styles and singers of different time. It's so relaxed and pleasant!!! I wish I had traveled with you for a longer trip!
What advice do you have for future travelers in the program?
Learn as much as you can from each member of the team and enjoy every seconds of your journey.
What surprised you the most?
Each person of your crew is so gifted. Itís really a great team!!!
What was the best thing you ate?
Too many to name, especially the spicy food.
What was the most difficult part of the traveling experience?
When Ma and the team left and I had to go back to work, I would have liked to go to Dali with everyone.