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Drive Around the World has three principles.

    We are guests, leave a good impression
    Display sincere benevolence

    People, culture, language
    Local laws, route, equipment

    Seek answers to questions on behalf of our patrons and followers



Drive Around the World team members are always interested in sharing their experiences. During the LONGITUDE expedition, the team will encounter a variety of geography, climates, and cultures that aim to enhance first-hand experiences in your classroom. The team invites students and followers to ask questions. Questions can be directed to expedition team members or the people they meet, such as research scientists, farmers, families, guides, museum curators, and other teachers.

Encourage your students to ask a question, and join us in our journey as we drive your classroom around the world.

Building Bridges: A Classroom Guide to Cross-Cultural Understanding

Short, adaptable lesson plans and activities that build cross-cultural awareness, respect, and communication in your classroom. Lessons are flexible, easy to use, and standards-based.  More about Building Bridges...

Supported in part by the National Geographic Society Education Foundation.


Unit I: Culture in the U.S.   Unit II: Culture Beyond the U.S.
1.  Introducing Culture 5.  On Being Seen as Different
2.  Features of Culture 6.  Americans
3.  Defining Culture 7.  Generalizations: How Accurate Are They?
4.  Culture Is Like an Iceberg 8.  Interpreting Behavior: Expanding Our Point of View
9.  Resolving a Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding
10.  Seeing Both Sides of an Issue
11.  A Fundamental of Culture: Cultural Context
12.  Brief Encounters
13.  Window Into Another Culture